3. Grovemade Desk Collection by grove
    Add order, beauty, and inspiration to your area with these beautiful and beneficial items, like the Monitor Stand. Most monitors are too short, causing slouching. We decided to make premium wooden stands to replace the stacks of books under our own monitors. The Monitor Stand raises your monitor four inches from your desk, helping you straighten out your back and neck while you work, whether you’re at a sitting or standing desk. And, with the space you gain underneath your raised monitor, the stand helps you save space as well as your posture.


  4. Dystopia by Rasoulipour
    Dystopia imagined of SanFrancisco CA


  5. PORT_ΛΙΜΑΝΙ* by avagra
    This is the poster I made under my teacher’s, Thanasis Tsampoukas, supervision for the “Make Art” exhibition.


  6. Sidney 14 by dietrichben


  7. OLMUKSA-design contest with a cardboard by yusufhandogan
    natural solutions to the design contest with a cardboard OLMUKSA 2011 CONTEST/THİRD PLACE


  8. Masale by miriamtochijara
    Un set de seis contenedores cerámicos más una bandeja, que permiten guardar todo tipo de especias y condimentos, dando un toque de estilo a tu mesa y no sólo a tus ensaladas. El esquema de color está basado en las asociaciones comunes que realizamos entre colores y sabores, así que no te limites a la sal y la pimienta, ¡las posibilidades son ilimitadas! A set of six ceramic containers over a tray, so you can keep all kinds of spices and seasonings, adding a touch of style to your table and not just to your salads. The color scheme is based on common associations we make between colors and flavors, so do not just salt and pepper, the possibilities are endless!


  9. Bricksterize Me! by inva
    "Bricksterize Me!" is a fun project started to transform my colleagues’ profile pictures into lego mosaic. Feel free to create yours!


  10. Spot Illustration- Deloitte Uni. Press by liviacives
    Series of spot illustration for Deloitte University Press