2. It is mostly about space by MattiasA
    Images made for various shows around the globe plus the random odd drawigns



    (Source: vimeo.com)


  4. Election by violaineetjeremy
    Election Pencil on canson. For Feuilleton Magazine.


  5. Creative Factory by zimandzou
    Creation of an handmade installation made out of colored paper for the Children’s Workshop (5-11 yo) at the Pompidou Center of Metz. The idea behind the piece was to highlight the contradiction between a unique hand crafted machine and the automation of industrial production of objects. To use the machine, some paper scraps have to be inserted in the main module, once the scraps are refined into geometric shapes, the control panel finally reveals the papercraft. In this workshop, children will play with handmade rubber stamps and build their own papercrafts of a simplified machine, paper food, etc… http://www.centrepompidou-metz.fr/usine-cr-ative



  7. Novelty by Anagrama
    Novelty is a shopping boutique that retails casual apparel to chic young women with a taste for fresh, modern fashion. The shop started up as a project by Novelty’s partners once they returned from the exciting and ever-evolving New York fashion scene. The shop was to feature handpicked items that could be considered quirky and novel trendsetters, something you couldn’t find in any other shop, hence our choice for naming. Located in Calzada del Valle, a gardened boulevard inside the exclusive area of San Pedro, a suburb of the larger metropolitan city of Monterrey, Mexico, Novelty is the high-end fashion store of curiosity shops. Like its attire inventory, the brand is sober and feminine but has the ability to thrive among more eccentric elements, such as the watercolor marks in the stationery or the collage-like composition of its printed ad.


  8. Small Illustrations & Doodles by ElienaLebeau
    Some illustrations & doodles I did in random sketchbooks through a long period.


  9. lauraillustrates:

    Designed a little Halloween shirt, even though it’s only August. I like drawing ghosts.

    credit for t-shirt found here

    What do you guys think? Would you buy it?



    (Source: vimeo.com)