2. Celebrating India by ranganath
    Continuing on the celebrating india, here some of the most popular monuments, underlining the glory and spirit of India. A story that captures the impression of the old india in the contemporary times.




  5. buntoo:

    preview of a thing about infinite scrolling



  7. Terry Gilliam & Wes Anderson editorial illustrations by StDamos
    Terry Gilliam & Wes Anderson editorial illustrations for So it Goes Magazine issue 3.


  8. Bessatsu bungeishunju “Otoko tomodachi” by machiyama
    Magazine. Otoko tomodachi is the serialized novel on Bessatsu bungeishunju issue January 2013-November 2013. Title:Otoko tomodachi CL: Bungeishunju Ltd. Author:Akane chihaya


  9. Landscapes by asakurakouhei
    watercolor & colored pencil on drawing paper


  10. Bethlehem Museum by Multiple Owners
    Branding For a Museum