1. Cosmópolis Pt.2 by aldocrusher
    Segundo set de ilustraciones realizadas para la sección “Cosmópolis” de la Revista Aire. Second set of illustrations made for “Cosmópolis” of Aire Magazine.


  2. Study in Pixel by patrickgarbit
    Processing Experiments w/ pixels



  4. beesandbombs:



  5. ABC by bunka


  6. Swiss Re Building (Gherkin) by pluggillustration
    Produced using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from plan drawings for publications



  8. kaylanna:

    Back from Pictomancer to my private blog for a while. ^^;

    The theme for today is “Fragile” from Illustration Friday and my take on it is a 心 in a rose.

    Lv 2: EXP 13


  9. Montero by Anagrama
    El Montero, is a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahuila, a city very close to the Mexican northern border. Its kitchen represents the restaurant’s surroundings as it is located on one of Mexico’s deserts. El Montero’s menu is inspired on regional food, integrating elements from contemporary kitchens. The project was developed inside an edification from the colonial period considered national patrimony. The development was executed with respect and care toward its elements.


  10. FYI network by MelaMel
    Branding of a teaser campaign for new tv network FYI - for your Imagination, Innovation, and Inspiration. Also prints for new shows focus on foodie pursuits, home design, makeover themes and other. Check out the whole project here, it is super cool! http://andcompany.com/work#fyi-launch-campaign